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High Adventure

Fourty minutes drive from Niksic, in the central part of Montenegro, on the slopes of Durmitor springs the river Komarnica, which makes the canyon Nevidio. As other mountain rivers, Komarnica is crystal clear and very cold. We are pleased to introduce the most beautiful canyon in Montenegro. The upper part of the course is a wide valley going narrower by Poscenje village to only ten meters, thus making the entrance to Nevidio canyon.

The canyon was not explored until 1965, when the alpinists of PSD “Javorak” from Niksic passed through it for the first time, and until the last ten years it was a privilege of the bravest mountaineers and alpinists.

The beauty of the canyon is staggering, and this phenomenon will leave you breathless with its steep cliffs and icy cold water. The canyon is 2,700 meters long, and in some places its width goes down to only 0.5m. In three hours, which is the average time of passing through, the adrenalin will rise as you pass under huge boulders, jumping in foaming rapids from a several meters high. Imagine yourselves in the heart of spectacular canyon, swimming through a meter wide narrows, while the sky is reduced to a thinnest line. Our experienced guides will help you cross every obstacle on the way, so, if you have time, if you are an adrenaline junkie and want to see one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro, you are welcome. Nevidio awaits!